Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How was your Halloween?

Well Halloween came and went so fast. I was not ready for it this year after being really sick. I never picked up pumpkins to carve; by the time I could they were all gone. Bummer. My five year old was great, he did not mind that we did not carve pumpkins or put up lights. We kept it simple. 

I am wondering how many trick or treaters did you get? We have lived in our house for 8 years now and we hardly get any. This year was the worst and the neighbors confirmed it. I wonder why?

Is it all the events we go to prior to Halloween, making the actual day less of a big deal? This year we had my 5 year olds Trick or Trunk at elementary school, and we went to downtown Royal Oak's Spooktacular. We never even went to Greenfield Village or the Zoo Boo. 

By the time Halloween day rolls around my kids have worn their costumes at least 3 times! At least I got my money's worth. 

What are your thoughts? It seems that many people I have talked to that live in Royal Oak said the same thing; very few kids out. Not even teenagers. Wow. 

My boys passing out candy. Pardon the red eyes. 

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