Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paint With Hay At PlayAway

Today's theme was farm animals. I have done several crafts including muddy pigs. This time I wanted to try something different. Today we painted with hay. Okay, not real hay due to allergies. I used fake hay. I have no idea what it is made from, but I got it at the local craft store. I got the idea from the great MaryAnn Kohl.

Supplies: hay (or fake hay), washable paint that you will water down, and thick paper. 

First make a paint brush out of hay. I grabbed a handful and then taped it together. You can have the children grab it with their hands or you can have them hold it with a clothes pin. 

I drew a barn on some thick red construction paper. I asked my friends to paint the hay around the barn. I love that they asked for more than just yellow. My mind made the hay  yellow, they knew better. Hay can be any color. 

We finished off with Old MacDonald felt story/song, and two great books. 

Have you painted with hay before?

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