Monday, July 9, 2012

Dinosaur Egg Fossils

This past week was my son's sixth birthday. We had a hard time deciding on a theme and after much deliberation we decided on dinosaurs. What sealed the deal was the idea for a dinosaur hunt from a book that he considers his favorite right now; a boys only book.

I had to scramble for ideas since this was all decided about a week prior to the party; isn't that always the way it happens? Thank you Internet! Also, thank you KBN (a group of kid blogger) for all the great ideas.

Dinosaur Egg Fossils which I found here.

What you will need is coffee grounds, flour, salt, sand, water and small plastic dinosaurs.Follow the recipe from attached link and combine in a bowl. I let my boys mix the ingredients, which turned out to be messy. I am warning you. They want to touch it and throw it at each other.

Once it has reached a bread dough consistency, you add the dinosaur. Then shape into an egg. Mine ended up more like an oval pancake.

You will bake them150° for 20 minutes per instructions, but mine took about an hour. Once dry, I hid them outside for the kids to find. Don't laugh because they look like cat poop! I was cracking up once I put them down. It didn't matter because the kids loved it. As a bonus it smells super yummy; coffee.

We then broke them open over our sand table and had some dino play.

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