About Me

Here is a bit about me:
  • I am a mom to two crazy boys and a wife to an awesome man.
  • I love children.
  • I love coffee and wish I could afford a gourmet coffee everyday.
  • The picture above was taken after I got may hair done for my 40th birthday party; don't expect it to look that good ever again.
  • I love to make food from scratch, bake, and eat an entire bag of Trader Joe's chocolate chips in one sitting.
  • I nursed my oldest son 5 months, and my youngest 26. Yep, no typo. It was 26 months.
  • I want to be a mystery writer, until then I will read all the mysteries and watch all the Castle I can. During nap time. Thank you person who invented the DVR. I like to believe it was a tired mom who never got to watch her favorite show.

In 2011 my husband and I purchased PlayAway, which offers parent-child classes for children ages 6 months to 6 years. This blog started as a way to show families what we do in our classroom since we have a zero dollar marketing/advertising budget. It is slowly evolving into something more. I hope you enjoy it.

Ms. Evie

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