Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I found this wonderful book at our local library; Perfectly Square by Michael Hall. I enjoy this book for several reasons. First because of its simplicity; it is square that can turn into so much more. Second, the illustrations and colors are great. Third, not only is it about shapes, it is about the days of the week. Bonus.

Today I set out construction paper squares of all different colors, white construction paper and glue. After reading the book I had my friends pick a square or two and asked them to tear them. There was much hesitation and looking towards mom for approval. It is funny how they asked for permission; obviously we do not let our kids tear enough paper.

Once they started, they could not stop! My friends sat at the art table for 15 minutes; unheard of. I had to remind the moms to not tell the kids where to put the pieces; let go and let them do it.

I asked several of them what they were making and many said a house. Well, one said it first and then they all decided they were making houses. 

To compliment the theme I had my friends make shapes out of home made play dough. 
We sang a song to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle. I sang "Do you know what shape this is? Shape this is, shape this is? Do you know what shape this is that I am holding in my hand? I held up a square, then circle, heart, triangle and a star. 

I had available for play several shape sorting games. 

I love that the theme was so simple. I always say (and why am I surprised) simple elicits the greatest response. 

In the future I would do this at home and make a square piece of art every day. In the book they use scissors, hole punchers, and crumple the paper. If my boys would let me, I would do this!

What have you done to explore shapes?

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  1. What a cute book - I have not seen this book before! Will have to see if I can get me a copy!