Sunday, December 9, 2012

Glitter Stockings

We have been making a lot of ornaments these past few weeks. This glitter stocking is simple, cute and almost mess free. Insert squeals of joy here.

Supplies: glitter, plastic storage bags, double sided tape, and thick paper to make a stocking. Our stockings were pre-made and purchased at Michael's.

First place the double sided tape on your stocking. Do only as many pieces as you want of that color of glitter. Don't do what I did the first time and load up the stocking with tape. It was still cute, but only one color. 

Next place the stocking in a plastic storage bag. Make sure the seal is closed tightly or glitter will be every where. Now tell your child to shake it like crazy!

Repeat the process and change colors of glitter. 

It is that simple. You would think I would have a finished product picture. Nope. I forgot to take one because we were having so much fun with other stuff. 

Next time I would bring along glue dots to make different dots all over rather than just stripes. 

Have you made a glitter ornament?