Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This week our theme is Pigs. Pigs are fun; not only because they love to roll around in the mud (who doesn't love mud). They are fun to impersonate; snorting comes naturally to me. I snort when I laugh too hard, thanks to my mom. It is a family trait and I am proud to say my youngest son got that DNA from me. Insert snort.

I printed off and laminated pictures of the Three Little Pigs for felt board story time. This is when I really got into telling the story. There is something about acting out a story and having the kids help that is much more rewarding. Now that I got my laminator I am doing this more often. The kids helped me act out the wolf huffing and a puffing. It was the best story time we have had in a while. Every child was engaged.

Our craft is muddy pigs. I cut out a pig on pink construction paper. I then had the kids help me mix shaving cream and brown paint. The kids then painted the mud on the pigs. The sensory aspect makes this so much fun. The paint is fluffy and fun.

This Pig's mud is not very brown, but that is not stopping my friend at all!

I am super excited about my art drying Octopus that I got at IKEA. You can see it holding our muddy pigs.

The pig theme was a hit. How about you, wouldn't you love your little one to come get "muddy"?

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