Monday, January 2, 2012


I found this great idea over at Toddler Approved; a book nook.

I always have the ambition to read for 20 minutes every day to my boys. When it comes down to it, I forget. It could be my fault with poor time management. Sometimes it is due to craft time that went long, a play room that was highly over used and needed to be cleaned, or really to much blog/facebook time. Been there, done that. Speaking of that, a friend of mine said she set a timer on her computer so she can only be on Facebook for 15 minutes at a time! Genius. But I digress.

Since it is the beginning of a new year and goals are fresh in my mind, I am going to read darn it! We just checked out books from the library (cannot recommend enough) and I set them out so we will see them. We have to read at least one a day. This should be easy since I already have a book/craft in mind for Playaway. I normally test the craft out on my kids, but now I will add the book to the routine.

Now, I must say my reading nook is really my couch and nothing fancy like the pictures in the Toddler Approved blog. I would love to have a great nook, but we have too many books (3 shelves full) and little space. The play room is already jammed packed with toys, art supplies, the kitchen, and costumes. It is easier to read on the couch after bath and right before bed.

Do you have a reading nook? If so, share some photos.

Read on my friends.

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  1. Ours is nothing fancy either, though I'm trying to change that and make a fun book nook in each child's room (plus the playroom)... we'll see what happens. We love the couch too and also actually read the most just on my son's bedroom floor.

    Whatever works, right? Good luck on your reading goal! I didn't do nearly enough today!