Thursday, January 19, 2012

Opposites in Chalk

This week we focused on opposites. You do not realize how much we discuss opposites in class until you create a plan to discuss it! I am always telling my friends how we go on or under, take the balls in and out, etc. 

I read two books regarding opposites. One had a safari theme; I spun off that and had our sensory table full of soft and rubber safari animals.

Our craft was simple, yet effective. We used chalk to draw on a white and black piece of paper. I gave the children the idea to do the sun and moon, however stressed that they could draw whatever they wanted. The focus for me was to have them feel how different it is to draw with chalk on paper rather than crayons, markers, or even paint.

Our theme and craft.

My friends artwork. Gorgeous. 

I wanted to mention if you are out towards IKEA pick up some of their chalk. It is a great price and perfect for little hands. Not to mention some of the colorful frames. You can hang your little one's art work on the wall.

How do you use chalk? On the sidewalk, or in the house?

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