Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have been trying to survive on little to no sleep for the last three years. Yes, three years!

When my youngest was born it was obvious he was a mamma's boy and a nurser. Oh my that boy loved to nurse. So much, I had to wean him at 26 months. Yep, you read that right. He would still nurse today if I let him. I feel sorry for his future girlfriends. I apologize girls, I created a boob man. I don't regret a minute of it. *I am not against formula, my oldest weaned at 5 months and was formula fed. I am pro whatever works for you and your family. No judging here. We momma's need to support each other.

This got me thinking about the saying "sleep like a baby", which is so wrong. People say it when they got a great night of sleep. That is wrong on so many levels. Sleeping like a baby means you wake up every two or three hours. I sleep like a baby and it sucks.

I want to sleep like the dead. Yes, the dead. You know you are not waking up during the night. Nope, no chance. Dead people do not wake up, well most of the time (I digress). They only wake up in movies Bruce Campbell is in. I love him, he is currently in a show I watch and his name is Sam. That just happens to be my little peanut's name. Again, I digress.

So I am toasting all my momma's who are sleeping like a baby, may you soon sleep like the dead. In the meantime, I am enjoying another cup of joe. Tonight I will be taking my Calms Forte and praying tonight will be a good night.
Almost three years ago, the beginning of my lack of sleep. I wouldn't trade them for anything; not even a cup of joe.

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