Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rain Boots!

I am not sure why mother nature cannot make up her mind, but I am not going to complain. I normally don't like winter, but this winter has been mild to say the least. Of course now that I said that the cosmos is going to do what it does and bring on the mother of all snow storms. Your welcome. 

I was going to do a snow theme this week, however, all the snow melted. Rain it is. I found the best book at the library, Ooh La La Polka Dot Boots by  Ellen Olson-Brown. It is a fun little book and in it, everything goes with Polka Dot Boots! I own a pair and I agree.

Our craft is a simple not so messy one this week, surprise! We are going to use dot painters to paint polka dot boots. My friends have not used these yet in my class and I am excited to see what they think. Update: They loved it. The movement and the banging noise that was made while painting made this a huge hit!

Our sensory table is full of water. I love it. I let the children place ice cubes that I had colored with food coloring into the water to see what happens. I put out two tubs. One had hot water and one had cold. I discussed with the kids what happens when you put the ice cubes in each. They mixed with spoons and measuring cups. Of course I completely forgot to take pictures of this. Duh. 

I brought in my polka dot rain boots for the kids to see and try on. Below is my little guy reading the book, next to my boots. A couple of my friends even tried the boots on.

We finished off class with parachute play, which is always a hit. 

Have you played with the dot painters? If so what is your favorite craft to do?

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