Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Angry Birds Live

My oldest son loves Angry Birds, but we limit his time on the phone. Frankly it is too small for him to be playing anything on it, but that is another post.

The other day while his little brother was taking a nap and we were desperately waiting for his best bud to arrive for a play date, he came up with this version of Angry Birds. He simply used green play dough and his wooden blocks. He knocked them down with a baseball, a big ball of play dough, and the big gun - a plastic hammer. Yep, a hammer.

The first attempt at building.

He made them harder the longer he played.

He got real good at knocking them down.

So who needs the online game? Not us, at least that day. He had a blast and it worked his hand eye coordination, gross motor and even fine motor skills without him even knowing it! I even tried my hand at it a few times. It was fun.

What has your little one done that makes you think wow?

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