Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get Outside!

My in-laws take my boys for the weekend often; I know I am lucky. It is new since S is potty trained now. It gives my husband and I much overdue alone time.  My in-laws live in the country and have farms around them. The boys love spending time with them.

One time this summer we went the the farm across the street. We meet 2 month old kittens, 2 week old goats, 2 day old pigeons, saw a ton of chickens, horses and more. All these animals are free to roam. We are fortunate enough to get farm fresh eggs for 75 cents a dozen! They are the most beautiful eggs I have seen, but that is another post.

Spending time at the grandparents is a nice way for them to explore outside; since we live in the city we don't get close to nature as much as I want. Both my husband and I grew up in the country and it was nothing for us to go outside for hours and play. Yep, by ourselves. It was a different time when we grew up. We kept our doors unlocked, and everyone knew everyone. Ah, small towns.

I grew up on a lake. In the summer we swam and in the winter we skated. There was no saying I'm bored. My sister and I were always outside exploring. It was so much fun. Now that I look back I realize we really did not have a lot of toys, outside was our playground.

This brings me to my challenge. I want you to gear up and go outside. What do you have to lose?

Exploring Grandpa's forest.

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