Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Ornaments and Globes

I had inspiration this morning and decided to get crafty. I loaded up the kids and off we went to get supplies.

I got foam ribbons, glitter, metallic crinkle shreds, and plastic ornaments. I even got 2 plastic snow globes.

We added the shreds, wrapped the foam ribbons around and viola - ornaments for family.

The globes are still a work in progress. I did not get the right glue, nor did I follow directions. There is a lot to them and I have found simpler instructions online. I will post the instructions and results later. For now, this is what I have.

This is before we realized the glue did not work.

I got mom of the day award from my 5 year old; he had a blast!

Did you get crafty today?

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