Saturday, December 3, 2011

What is Rich?

I was on one of my mom boards this morning and the discussion was about what we considered rich. It had many different responses ranging from $100k, to $1 Million, to being able to pay your bills.

It made me think about our life and how it has changed in the last seven years since we got married. I would say now that I get to stay home with my boys, I have increased my wealth!!! I had to work for the first three years of my oldest child's life; it was horrible. I wished to be home. I got that wish after being laid off six months into my pregnancy with my youngest. It was a blessing in disguise.

While it is no picnic every day, and it is not for everyone, staying home has made me so happy. I noticed my stress was down (no rush hour!), or it was different. I got to watch my kids blossom. I have been able to meet great friends thanks to my local chapter of MOMS Club. I have received support I might not otherwise had, and I got the opportunity to do fun stuff with my boys.

I would not trade my sleepless nights for anything. No money in the world can replace what I have gained, and what my family has gained in the last 3 years. I know my husband will add (because he told me last night) that he is so lucky to have me home.

I am the one lucky.

How about you. What do you consider wealthy or rich?

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