Monday, November 14, 2011

Feather Rubbing Craft

I know it sounds weird, right? 
I was on my way to meet my in-laws, who graciously took my boys all weekend (big smile), and was browsing all my favorite preschool blogs. I found a great craft - I am searching for the blog now to give it credit. 

You take glue and make a feather outline. Let it dry. Then have the children place the paper over it and rub it with crayons. I made 6 of them on heavy duty file folder paper. Of course since I was gluing, both my boys had to get into the act. Thank goodness they woke up at 6:30, that way we got a craft in before the oldest goes to school. 

Sorry about quality - trying to get boys to school!

We will be doing this craft with my 2-3 year olds this week. We will take the feather rubbings, cut them out and glue to a brown circle (the turkey body). My friends will then add a face to their turkey. 

My 1-2 year olds will be doing the handprint turkey, with the help of their parents of course. I will post the finished results after class. I am super excited.

Drum are the results.

A work in progress; Turkey with the feather rubbings

Suggested books: 
Thank You Thanksgiving is a simple book with a great message.

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