Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Mommy Myth

I went to Moms Night In at Genesis Church last night. It was wonderful to spend time with other moms on a Saturday night, enjoying food and coffee.

Our guest speaker, Karen Brumm, LLMSW, spoke of the Myths of Motherhood. Gosh, where was this when my oldest was born?

Myths such as:
breast feeding is easy
the baby will sleep
you sleep when the baby sleep
if you have read the book you can do it
you will have family/friend support
good moms are stay at home moms
you are bad if you go back to work
you have to make dinner from scratch
you have to be Super Mom!

Just to name a few. It was so refreshing to hear the mix of myths we all shared no matter if we stayed home or not. I worked for the first few years of Aidan's life and have stayed home for most of Sam's. I know both sides.

What myths did you find were applicable to your life?

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