Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Playing in the Kitchen

This week our theme is Playing in the Kitchen. We had a lot of free play today; letting the children explore the play food, kitchen, and the sensory bin filled with flour. 

I kept the craft simple. We mixed glue and cinnamon. I had the kids paint the glue mixture onto construction paper and top it off with dry pasta. This craft is more about the sensory than the final project. 

It was a hit, but I probably won't do the flour again without putting a drop cloth under the sensory table. 
In true form, my child took his clothes off because the flour was on it. I shook it off and managed to get him back into his clothes. He also put the flour on his head. He loves to get messy but must do it with little clothes on. Oh boy!

Anyone else have a child who loves to take their clothes off? If so please share your stories, as I could go on and on about his knack for taking off his clothes at the "perfect" time. 

Playing music with our kitchen instruments. 

Our pasta craft.

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