Friday, October 28, 2011

Glitter Glue!

I purchased some silver and orange glitter glue from Target in the dollar section. I knew the moment I saw it that something fun could be done with it. 

My oldest found it and immediately ran into the play room to get pencils and paper. The youngest followed yelling "paper, paperrrr"! I let them play for a few minutes before it dawned on me that a big mess could be in the making. I was pleasantly surprised to find this:

My oldest son decided to draw halloween pictures and trace over them with the glue. My youngest just had fun pouring the glue out. Either way, it looked like fun to me. They soaked the paper; not allowing us to keep their masterpieces. 

I do have an idea I want to try out. I am thinking of drawing shapes on wax paper and having them trace it. Once the glue dries I will cut out the shape and hang it up. I am not sure how it will work, but I will be trying it this weekend. I will update the blog with our results. 

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