Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cars and Trucks

This week we focused on cars and trucks. I love how the simple topics elicit the best results. I read The Wheels on the Bus by Raffi and had the moms/children sing along. I also had some simple books about cars and trucks on hand to read to the class or have the parents read to the children in the reading nook. 

We moved to the craft table and did a community project; painting with trucks. I selected several trucks with different wheel textures. I laid out a long sheet of brown paper, 3 different paints, and let the children go to town. A few children turned it into finger paint time, loving every minute of it. My own son would not leave the table as he was having too much fun rolling the truck around and seeing the results. It was another successful craft in the fact that the kids took over the craft and made it their own. I just had to give them the "permission" to put the trucks in the paint! 

Truck painting.

Trucks going down the slide.

Per our routine we had parachute time, some music time (driving in the car songs), and free play. During free play my friends started having the trucks go down the slide; causing much excitement.
It was a successful Play Friends class for sure. 

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