Saturday, October 8, 2011

How I came to own Playaway

I realized after I posted our classroom photos, that I should give you some background on how I became the owner of Playaway.

Playaway began in 2002, the brainchild of two moms. In 2009, another local mom took it over. I knew this mom and had visited Playaway often. I even had my son's first birthday party with Playaway. I had worked full time in the corporate world for years, and always dreamed of leaving to stay home with my two boys. That dream became a reality when I was 6 months pregnant with my youngest.

Fast forward to January of 2011. My boys were getting older and I was yearning for a way to work, but also take care of my boys. Then the email came, Playaway was for sale. After much discussion with my husband, some praying, and sleepless nights we purchased Playaway. I was excited and overwhelmed, after all it had been years since I took any education classes!

My degree is not in education, it is in marketing. I took early childhood education classes at Eastern Michigan for a few years, only to leave due to lack of money to finish. I started working and saving money to finish school. It was only after years in the corporate world, that I finished my degree. However, it ended up being in marketing, as I was working in administrative/business development for my company. It made sense at the time.

Then I had children. It all came back to me, my passion. I love creating art, playing games, and having fun with kids. My boys and I are always outside exploring, playing in cardboard boxes, digging in the dirt, playing with play dough (sometimes homemade), cooking, and having fun. If it is pouring rain out, we are quickly making a boat to sail down the street. If we are feeling crazy, we dress up in the many costumes in our house. There is always a craft or some sort of art activity going on. My oldest wakes up every morning telling me what he is going to make today. Stop by any time and you will see our yard filled with kids playing.

This is why I purchased Playaway. I can get back to my passion and bring my children to work! I don't know many other jobs that allow that. My oldest is now in Kindergarten and my youngest goes to "school" two days a week. However, my classroom is always full of my little friends! I would not have it any other way. They bring me such joy.

Watching our boat float down the road.

Painting the pumpkins from our garden.

Playing in the cardboard box that we got from our neighbor. 

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