Friday, October 28, 2011

The Little Ones and the Purple Sand

After seeing my 2-3 year old friends enjoy the purple sand so much, I was curious as to how my 1-2 year olds would react. I was surprised to find out that it was not as big of a deal. Most of my little friends played with it for a minute or two, however my one friend really enjoyed it. I believe it is because it is calming to her. She spent a good chunk of her time with us playing in the purple sand. 

The real big hit of the class was the parachute and the plastic balls. Every class we bring out the parachute. We ride on it, sit under it, and pop plastic ball "popcorn". My friends run to circle time when I announce the parachute is coming out. 

Our Play Friends class for our 1-2 year old friends is really about playing with the parent. It is so important for a parent or caregiver to help their child explore their world in a safe environment. Our class does that. Plus we make a mess; which normally does not happen at home (not even mine). 

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