Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkins, Play Dough and Purple Play Sand

This week our theme is halloween based, but nothing scary; pumpkins. I have mini pumpkins to paint, pumpkin pie scented play dough, and new purple sand for the sensory table. 

I picked up 20 small pumpkins from the local farmers market for my friends to paint. I had it all planned out, we would sit in circle time, read 5 Little Pumpkins and then hop on over to the art table to paint the pumpkins. Well, today was another reminder that having a plan is a good idea, but really you just go with the flow with this age group. 

Why? I purchased some new play sand. Purple play sand. It was a huge hit. Once the sand was discovered, circle time was promptly left behind. My friends had such a blast playing in the purple sand. They kept going back to it after each activity. I love the color, it is so vibrant. I am sure this is why it was a huge hit. ***If you are going to play with sand at home indoors, make sure it is on a hard surface and not carpet. It takes a few vacuuming sessions to get the sand out of carpet.

Eventually we made it to the art table to paint our pumpkins and here are the results:

This last photo is of my boys "helping" me make the play dough for class. It is a simple flour, salt, oil, and food coloring recipe that I added pumpkin pie spice to. It is great for sensory play. 

It will be interesting to see how my 1-2 year olds handle the play sand. Will it be met with the same excitement? I am not sure, but I cannot wait to find out. 


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