Friday, October 7, 2011

Playfriends ABC Week

This week at Playaway our theme was ABC's. I found a great book ABC KIDS by Laura Ellen Williams. It has great pictures of children up close and personal with letters that correspond to whatever action or costume they are wearing. I have found that children respond very well to this book, even the little ones.

Our craft was simple (all of our crafts are). I had the parents draw the first letter of the child's name and then the children sprinkled on colored salt (colored with chalk). Many of the kids sat at the craft table for an extended period as sensory crafts are a big hit with this class. We also had stamps and play dough to play with.

My favorite part of class was when the kids spontaneously jumped up on the play structure as if it was a stage and rocked out to Laurie Berkner's ABC Medley.

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