Thursday, June 7, 2012

D is for Dad

I am ahead of the game this week and I have our Father's Day art activity all planned out. Scary, right. I am ahead of the game. Any way, we are doing a simple D is for Dad art piece. I saw this on a blog and I am forgetting it. I am putting the word out so I can find it and give it credit where credit is due!

Supplies: white paper (preferably thick), shaving cream, food coloring, spatula, and a bold/dark color of construction paper.

Spray your shaving cream onto a tray (this will get messy). Then add drops of food coloring onto the shaving cream. Make sure to place the drops all over the shaving cream.

Next spread the color around with a toothpick or the spatula. Have the child do this, but closely supervise because it can become a whole different activity.

Then gently place the thick white paper on top of the swirled shaving cream mixture and lightly press all over. The goal is to pick up the color and shaving cream as it shows in the photo below.

Once this is done you will gently scrap off the shaving cream and you are left with the color swirls on your paper! Neat, right.

Then you will let this dry. After it dries cut it out in the shape of a D. You may have to help your child with this one. Then paste onto a bold color of construction paper for a nice mat frame effect.

Simple, yet fun, yet messy, and your child will love it! Dad just might too. Perhaps you can attach a gift certificate to it or a "free pass" to watch the sports game with a buddy. Then he may really like it.

What are you doing for Father's Day?

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