Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry Time

It is that time of year again; strawberry picking time. I love it and so do my boys. We eat them, make jam, and of course mash them up to put on yogurt, ice cream, and pancakes. It is delicious.

This year I could not make it to our MOMS Club strawberry picking outing. Luckily a mom picked some up for me, as you can see below (just a few).

We washed them, cut the tops off, and then mashed them up. 

I then added a bit of sugar to sweeten. I was not sure when I could make them into jam, so into the freezer they went. A select few went into my favorite popsicle maker (Zoku) and we made real 100% fruit popsicles!

I wish I had a picture of the final results, however my family ate them faster than I could make them and photograph them! UPDATE- I found one!

I also kept a batch out so we could put it on our home made yogurt (this is a new venture for us), and to put on pancakes.

What do you do with your fresh picked strawberries?

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