Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have had a lot on my plate lately, like many moms out there. I am keeper of the home, head chef, mom of two active boys, wife to a great man, PTA mom, involved in my local chapter of MOMS Club, and I happen to own my own business. Phew, I am tired just writing that.

I rarely ask for help. I solider on, and create a vicious cycle of work, play, sick, work, play, and get sick. This last time was tough. I (figuratively) hit a wall going 100 miles per hour without a seatbelt. I had several days of sick time and I believe it was the longest period of rest for me since I had my second c-section when my youngest was born three years ago.

While I was busy relaxing and going crazy, because I could not move 100 miles per hour, I saw a woman on a talk show discussing women in business. As far as I am concerned she could have been talking about women in general. She stated that women's biggest mistake in business and in life is trying to do it all.

Shut. The. Door.

Yep, I try to do it all. Doing it all only runs me into the ground. I decided then and there I need more help and I had to learn to say NO. NO, and NO!

Later on that day I watched my boys playing outside collecting sticks. They came across this huge branch and neither of them could lift it alone. They looked at each other and knew what to do. They did it together. They did not try to be super heros (well maybe just a little) and do it all themselves. They knew they needed help and gladly accepted it to get the job done. Okay, lesson learned. Get help. Check.

That being said, I am super excited to say I got help. Not only did I hire one teacher; I hired two. I also am seeking help for other aspects of the business. I will stay hands on and teach, but now I know that together we can accomplish more.

The bonus is I am not as stressed and it shows. My boys will get a much happier mom and that makes me happy.

Are you trying to be a super mom and do it all? Where has that lead you?


  1. Great post. So crazy I was just writing a similar post this afternoon. I'm a 100 mph mom and I got hit by a car while walking in the crosswalk. I am still in the resting and recovery stage and have learned that I can't do it all. But things are getting done without me doing it all by myself.

  2. Thanks Tonya. Get the rest you need and ask for help! It has been rather nice taking it easy these last few days. It reminded me of what is really important and what I have been neglecting; like spending more quality time with my boys. I am thinking of unplugging as well as I can tell they really want my attention. Our days go smoother when they get the attention they need. Rest up.

  3. Good for you, Evie! That's a tough lesson to learn, so thanks for setting such a great example for all of us.

    Sorry to hear that you were so sick. Charlie had the flu last week and weekend too. It was awful and he is only now mostly recovered. Not sure if we will make it tomorrow as he is still sleeping A LOT.

    Take care!
    Nikki Andriani