Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fine Motor Activity

Today my in-laws came over with gifts for our boys; banks. These are not any old banks, but hand made by grandpa in the shape of a pig and an elephant. My boys were super excited to say the least. The best part was grandpa and grandma came with a tin full of pennies! $12 to be exact. That is a lot of pennies.

My brain instantly went, wow what a great fine motor skill activity. The simple act of placing the pennies into the slot is great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

As you can see from the picture, the banks are rather large and have a plexiglass side. Really any old piggy bank will do.

No piggy bank, no problem. Take an old 32 ounce yogurt container and cut a hole in the top. Have the children place coins or saved up bottle caps into the slot. *Please supervise your child as small items are a choking hazard.

This kept my boys busy for about 20 minutes. They had so much fun trying to put all the pennies in and looking at them through the plexiglass.

Do your children have piggy banks?

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  1. These are banks are beautiful, Evelyn. What a special gift for the boys' grandfather to make them. A reminder of their special grandfather each time they add a penny. -heather