Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ocean Sun Catcher

I am really disappointed because I had to cancel my snow theme yet again. Curse you weather, let it snow! Let. It. Snow!

I decided to change our theme to the Ocean. I read one of my favorite books on the ocean, which has the child act out what each animal does. We clapped like sea lions, walked side to side like crabs, and sang like whales. It is a great activity to get the sillies out!

We created a fun, yet simple craft. Ocean sun catchers. You will need construction paper, contact paper, and items to stick to the paper. I made cut outs of fish and octopi. I did not have any cute ocean foam pieces or stickers on hand.

Contact (or wax) paper, construction paper frames, and fish cut outs.

Cut a frame out of the construction paper, then adhere to the contact paper. Let the children decorate their frame. I should note you can use wax paper and let the children glue everything on. If you are going to do this option use school glue and not glue sticks. The glue stick glue did not work on the wax paper. *Let the children place the animals any way they want, there is no right or wrong way.

I made a big mistake in our sensory table today. I actually put sand and water in our table. I ended up with mud; it was just too tempting for my little friends. Note to self, do not do this again.

This is NOT a good idea. 

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