Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Block City

Several other bloggers (Hands On: As We Grow) have created their version of a Block City with painters tape on the floor for city streets. I knew this was right up my alley. I ran like a mad woman searching for our painters tape; finally after several yelling sessions with my husband (I was in the basement searching while he was upstairs) I found it. Or we found it.

Let the games begin!

I got out our blocks, our dinosaur hunter items, some small wooden train set pieces, and later on I got out our old school Fischer Price City (it was mine). My boys had a blast! 

It is simple, and yet it engaged my boys for hours. They would walk away and come back for more. Today we moved it from the living room to their bedroom. At 8 am they were playing like mad. It only stopped to take my oldest to school. 

Have you made roads with painters tape?

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