Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blast Off With PlayAway

Today is a quick post. I have been super busy with class, my son's preschool, and the PTA. I tend to over extend myself at times. Hence, the quick post.

This week at PlayAway we focused on the moon and outer space. It was a simple craft and all my friends had fun.

Supplies: rocket ship cutouts, cut outs of squares and circles, black construction paper, star stamps, and white paint.

I made this art project work for my 1-2 and 2-3 year olds. My 1-2's stamped stars on their paper where I had already glued a rocket.  My 2-3's glued the rocket on, made windows out of shapes, and stamped stars.

We played in our magical purple sand and read Good Night Moon. I also did a fun color identifying game on the felt board. I had rockets in all different colors and had my friends help me identify which color was which.

Here are some other great moon activities:

KC Edventures gives you some great moon books.

Inspiration Laboratories  has an Eric Carle inspired activity.

Head on over to Twodaloo for these great Good Night Moon activities.

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